Hannes Richter

Catch-Pop String-Strong in Concert

Hannes Richter

On April 25, the Embassy hosted the young Vienna-based duo Catch-Pop String-Strong, who performed a variety of Bach, traditional music from the Balkans and the Scottish highlands, pop songs, improvisations on Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, as well as their own compositions.

Author Julya Rabinowich has called their music "impish and light as a butterfly," associating it with sequences from Andrej-Tarkowski’s films, or japanese Manga. In their music, Catch-Pop String-Strong combine stories and interpretations from different places, eras and angles. Equipped with a cello, a viola, and their voices, they build bridges between different cultures, across centuries and musical traditions, and they do it all with a light-footedness and natural ease that is simply amazing.

Jelena Popžran and Rina Kaçinari, who formed the band in 2009, both have experience in the classical field as well as across genre. They are a great contribution to the Austrian music market and to the "Wiener Schmäh" (Viennese humor). Due to their elegance and their confidence they have created their own artistic space in Vienna. Catch-Pop String-Strong's selftitled debut album, released on the well respected Austrian label col legno, received high national and international recognition.

For more information visit: http://col-legno.com/en/catalog/complete_catalog/catchpop_stringstrong