Hannes Richter

Join us for EU open house

Hannes Richter

Have you ever wondered what the Embassy looks like on the inside? Here is your chance to find out. On May 11, the Embassy will open its doors to the public and allow a glimpse inside the beautiful Republic of Austria.

From 10 am until 4 pm you will have the opportunity to chat with staff and diplomats, taste Austrian coffee and elderberry juice, listen to authentic Austrian folk music and watch a live preparation of one of Austria's famous desserts - the Viennese Apple Strudel. In addition, Austrian wine will be available to taste during the day and you will get an exclusive first look at the Embassy's new project Taste of Austria.

Here is the full agenda:

Wine Tasting Seminars
Are you interested in learning more about the history, the pleasure and the sensory experience of wine? If so, our wine seminars offer the perfect opportunity. Experience the art of wine tasting, the fun of sharpening your senses, and the amusement of exploring the many exquisite types of wine in an exceptional setting. We will taste the Federspiel and Smaragd  levels of Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

Meet Austria
Learn about Austria and get the best travel tips on how to explore this diverse country. From the capital Vienna to the pristine landscapes of the Austrian Alps. Michael Gigl, Director at the Austrian Tourist Office New York, will be on site to introduce you to Austria with a presentation at 1 pm.

Live Music
Meet the Austrian Duo Herbert Langegger and Herbert Gruber! The musical duo regularly performs at the Austrian Club in Detroit, Michigan and all around the United States. It is their mission to keep the sounds of Austria's past alive in the U.S.  They will perform traditional Austrian folk music throughout the EU Open House Day at the Austrian Embassy.

Taste of Austria
Get an exclusive preview of our new project Taste of Austria, a special website dedicated to the exquisite and unique melting pot that is the Austrian cuisine. Find out about its history, get to know Austria's eating culture and customs, learn about Austrian traditions, and sample some fine Austrian recipes.

Austrian Delicacies
From the Austrian vineyards to the heart of Washington, D.C.: During the Austrian Embassy's Open House, visitors can enjoy Austrian coffee and will be able to watch Austrian certified Master Chef Wilhelm Jonach prepare one of Austria’s world-famous pastries, the Viennese Apple Strudel.

For more information visit: www.austria.org/openhouse and http://www.euopenhouse.org/.