Hannes Richter

Screening: Museum Hours

Hannes Richter

On April 14, 2013 the U.S.-Austrian co-production Museum Hours celebrated its premiere at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The film by New York-based director Jem Cohen is a graceful and polished tribute to the power of art and a shrewd character study and a sly homage to the architectural marvels of Vienna.


When a Vienna museum guard befriends an enigmatic visitor, the grand Kunsthistorisches Museum becomes a mysterious crossroads which sparks explorations of their lives, the city, and the ways artworks reflect and shape the world.

"For some, the film will primarily be an engaging study of two adults whose relationship defies cinematic stereotypes; for others it will be a story-engendered portrait of the city of Vienna; for others, it will mostly serve as a meditation on the crossing between life and art and the museum as intermediary..."

For more information visit: http://www.museumhoursfilm.com