Hannes Richter

Young Austrian Photography

Hannes Richter

Young Austrian Photography: Architecture | Landscape is currently showing at the Lockheed Martin Gallery at Strathmore.

Gregor Sailer

Over the past few years art photography has vividly taken off in Austria. Interesting developments and approaches - along with new opportunities - are now part of this new generation of photography.

The works of the Austrian artists selected for this exhibition examine, in a wide range of ways, the perception and manipulation of our daily surroundings. The show provides a cross section of young, enterprising artists shaping the country’s contemporary photography scene with innovative technique, striking composition and stirring imagery. 

Clemens Ascher   
Catharina Freuis    
Markus Guschelbauer
Claudia Larcher
Julie Monaco
Gregor Sailer


CLEMENS ASCHER´s work 'desert structures' tries to explore the evolving relation between mankind and it´s surrounding, the often bizarre results of our constant struggle to colonize nature, even in her most hostile forms.

CATHARINA FREUIS puts focus on sociological structures manifesting themselves - above all - in public areas, spaces that are used by several people in a "non-private" kind of situation, such as art or workspaces. Her intent is to irritate this attitude by creating stereotype, recognizable model rooms. These rooms experience a metamorphosis in the way that the habitual confidence has to be examined.

The work of MARKUS GUSCHELBAUER hinges upon the landscape as an archaic subject. As he learned during his childhood on a farm, for his work he goes out into nature and builds upon it. Unlike land art, he is not primarily interested in the process of nature`s effect on the artwork. His interventions are done for the photograph, for the camera with its fixed standpoint, set from the very start, and thus have fulfilled their task. Yet the act of building is an important part of this artistic project.

CLAUDIA LARCHER’s artistic work deals with architecture. She is interested in places that are connected to history, familiarity and memory, questioning the meaning of “home” and “identity”.

In JULIE MONACO´s artificial digital conditions not occurring in nature are produced as abstracted reality. The production of digital nature occurs through the manipulation of predetermined parameters of a previously defined selection of software tools. It is part of the essence of the digital picture that, in utilizing the computer, it creates more than reality, but is still based on reality.

By means of refined architectural and landscape photography, GREGOR SAILER has succeeded in giving a face to these otherwise effectively invisible, artificially created urban agglomerations that are hermetically sealed off from the eyes of the world either by walls or by their hostile surroundings.                                                      

Free Opening Reception on TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 6-8 P.M.

The exhibit will ran from March 1st to April 7th at Strathmore Mansion.

Directions: THE MANSION AT STRATHMORE | 10701 Rockville Pike | North Bethesda, MD 20852
Hours : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10AM - 4PM, Wednesday, 10AM - 9PM and Saturday, 10AM - 3PM. Free Admission!

For more information go to: http://www.austria.org/yap/index.html