Hannes Richter

EU Presidency 2006 in Silver

Hannes Richter

The Austrian Mint issued a silver coin in honor of Austria assuming the Presidency of the European Union. Austria’s term runs from January 1 to June 30, 2006.

The obverse of the new nine-sided silver coin depicts the classic design of the coats of arms of the nine Austrian provinces surrounding the face value of 5 euros, along with the country of issue, the Republic of Austria.




The reverse of the coin depicts part of the Vienna Hofburg, the former Imperial Palace located in the center of Vienna. Here the majority of EU meetings and conferences will take place, with most being held in the grand halls and rooms (depicted along the right side of the coin) dating from the reign of Maria Theresa. These rooms were originally used by the Court for receptions, balls and displays.

Along the lower edge of the coin is the word, “Josefsplatz” or Joseph’s Square, referring to the equestrian statue of Emperor Joseph II. The building located in the background is the Baroque-style National Library.


Also included on the reverse in the upper central area is the year of issue 2006 surrounded by a circle of stars representing the European Union. Collectors in the U.S. and Canada may purchase the European Union Presidency coin issue for $12.50 (U.S.) or $24.70 (CDN) each by calling Euro Collections International toll-free at: 1-888-904-5544. The coin may also be ordered online at: www.eurocollections.com