Hannes Richter

Outstanding Members

Hannes Richter

The European Union is leading in the fields of financial services, architecture, energy, education and the soft drink industry, to name just a few. And it’s the member states that make it happen.

Austria’s Red Bull, for example, has conquered not only North America but is currently energizing more than 100 countries. Each year, one billion cans of the world’s No. 1 energy drink are consumed globally. How far does Red Bull make you fly?

Automotive Industry Implementation

Our new member states are very successful at displaying their decisive role in the Union. Despite rising gas prices, Slovakia has ‘struck oil’! It can be proud to be the fastest developing European country within the field of automotive industry. In 2007 the annual production of one million cars will make Slovakia the highest per capita car producer worldwide.

But let’s not forget about the EU veterans! With London, the United Kingdom is home to the world’s largest foreign exchange market. The daily average turnover of 504 billion pounds is higher than that of New York and Tokyo combined. But wait, the United Kingdom has yet more to offer! It bravely boasts the world’s first three power stations fuelled by chicken litter!

Did you know that in 2005 France decided to join the U.S. in her foible for grand dimensions? The French have constructed the word’s tallest bridge. The Millau Viaduct roadway is almost four times the height of the Golden Gate Bridge, and its tallest tower is just 125 feet shorter than the Empire State Building. Should France’s latest achievement give the U.S. weak knees.

The Millau Viaduct bridge in France

Another outstanding member of the EU is Finland. According to the OECD’s 2003 PISA survey of fifteen year-olds and their mean academic achievement scores, Finland ranked highest among OECD countries in reading, science and math. The world should be aware of bright Finns! Off to Finland! - Hyvää Suomen-matkaa!