Hannes Richter

Austrian Summer Schools 2007

Hannes Richter

For those interested in pursuing summer studies in Austria, whether it be learning German or attending academic lectures on Europe viewed through different fields such as Law, Politics, History, Economics, Art, Music, etc., the following page provides links with useful information.

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Austria’s location in the heart of Europe makes it a perfect place to spend a summer while immersing yourself in scholarly activity. From German language courses, music and art programs, to university programming with full academic credit, Austrian summer schools offer the right program for every taste. Academic programs include the International Summer Program at the University of Vienna, now in its 59th year, and the University of New Orleans International Summer School at the Leopold Franzens-University in Innsbruck, which is open to all students of accredited U.S. universities and is the largest U.S. program of its kind.

At the same time, besides academics, students can enjoy the picturesque alpine landscapes and outdoors and breathe in the cultural splendor of Austria’s imperial cities. From modern arts and the world-famous Salzburg Music Festival to open-air cinemas and mild evenings in beer gardens, the surroundings will comfort you. What is more, being “at the heart of Europe” becomes more than a slogan. It becomes an experience, having the rest and the best of Europe at your fingertips and within easy reach by plane or via the country’s rail system. Austrian Information provides you with a list of programs for 2007.

German Language, Art, Culture and Sports
ActiLingua Academy Language School Vienna Austria        http://www.actilingua.com
Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria                                           http://www.alpha.at
Amadeus Association                                                    http://www.amadeus.or.at
American International School Salzburg                           http://www.ais-salzburg.at
European Forum Alpbach                                               http://www.alpbach.org
Berlitz Österreich Sprachschulen                                      http://www.berlitz.at
IFK und Collegium Austriacum                                         http://www.deutsch-in-salzburg.at
Cultural Studies Academy, Inc.                                         http://www.csatours.com
Cultura Wien                                                                 http://www.culturawien.at
DeutschAkademie                                                          http://www.deutschakademie.at/
Deutsch in Graz                                                             http://www.dig.co.at
Deutsch-Institut Tirol                                                       http://www.deutschinstitut.com
Deutsch-Studio Salzburg                                                  http://www.deutschstudio.com
Diplomatic Academy Vienna                                             http://www.da-vienna.ac.at
German Language Village Waldsee              http://www.ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org
GKI-Language Courses                                                    http://www.gki.co.at
inlingua—International School of Languages                 http://www.inlingua.at
Innsbrucker Hochschulkurse Deutsch (IHD)                         http://www.uibk.ac.at/ihd/
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg      http://www.summeracademy.at
Internationales Kulturinstitut (IKI)                                     http://www.ikivienna.at
Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS)                http://www.kiis.org
MANDL Language Courses                                               http://www.mandl.at
Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen                                            http://www.ssb.at
Sprachinstitut der Industrie (SPIDI)                                    http://www.mdi-spidi.at
Sprachkurse ARIANA AG                                                   http://www.ariana.ch
University of Klagenfurt/Deutsch in Österreich                     http://www.uni-klu.ac.at/dia
University of New Orleans/International Summer School      http://www.uno.edu
University of Vienna/ Sommerhochschule (SHS)        http://www.univie.ac.at/Sommerhochschule
Vienna International University Courses                         http://www.univie.ac.at/WIHOK/wihok_index_e.html

Allegro Vivo - Kammermusik Austria                                   http://www.allegro-vivo.at
American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS)                        http://aimsgraz.org
Stift Altenburger MusikAkademie (AMA)                              http://www.musique.at/ama
University Mozarteum Salzburg                                  http://www.moz.ac.at
Vienna International Pianists                                              http://www.pianists.at
Vienna Music Seminar                                                        http://www.musikseminar.at