Hannes Richter

Dear Readers,

Hannes Richter

 This year marks the 200th anniversary of the passing of Joseph Haydn. Concerts, exhibitions and other cultural highlights around the globe will be dedicated to this famous composer and one of the greatest representatives of the classical era.

Today almost 170 member groups belong to the World Federation of Austrians Abroad, which serves as an umbrella organization for all associations and societies of Austrians living abroad. We are happy to present a retrospective on the history of this organization and its recent initiatives to meet the needs of Austrians throughout the world, as well as on the founding of the Austrian-American Council of the U.S., created as a larger umbrella organization to carry out fundraising and charity activities in North America. One of the largest groups of emigrants in the U.S. and Canada came from Burgenland, who have been able to maintain their unique cultural heritage and close ties to Austria, as explained in an article on the Burgenland Association.

Furthermore, we are pleased to bring an article on cartoonist and artist Peter Steiner, whose latest collection of portraits was recently presented at the Austrian Embassy. Included in our current issue is also an updated list of Austrian summer schools offering a broad range of academic programs throughout the country.

Yours sincerely,

Wolfgang Renezeder