Hannes Richter

Wings for the World

Hannes Richter

The year 1984 marked the introduction of an Austrian product that has since gained a worldwide reputation. It has "given wings" to millions of people as their famous slogan says.

When Dietrich Mateschitz, a 61-year-old Austrian businessman founded Red Bull with his Thai partners Chaleo and Chalerm Yoovidhya, his energy drinks became available throughout the Western world.

In 1982, Mateschitz obtained the marketing rights and recipe for the Thai-based brand Krating Daeng. By then, energy drinks we-
re already popular in Eastern Asia. With its slogan, "Red Bull gives you wings," the drink was introduced to the Austrian market in 1987. In 1992, Red Bull hit the shel ves in Hungary. Today the energy drink is enjoyed in more than a hundred countries all over the world. More than a billion cans are consumed each year and as a result of his tremendous success, Diet rich Mateschitz is now included in the Forbes List of the world’s richest people.

Although many companies have tried to hop on the train with very similiar energy drinks and aimed to get a piece of the cake, Red Bull currently holds the largest share of the world market. No comparable beverage has managed to catch up with the Austrian company which now employs approximately 1,850 people world wide. The headquarters are located in Fuschl am See near Salzburg.

Red Bull certainly is a success story made in Austria. Unlike many other products, its success is based on a unique marketing strategy. Concentrating above all on the field of extreme sports, the brand has achieved international recognition. Many different events are being sponsored throughout the year. Among others, they include the Red Bull Divide and Conquer Race in Colorado, the Red Bull X-Fighters Contest in Madrid, the Red Bull Air Race World Series and the Red Bull Flugtage that take place in several countries.

Dietrich Mateschitz also founded the Taurus World Stunt Award Foundation which supports performers who have suffered a debilitating stunt related injury. The Taurus World Stunt Awards are given to the world’s best stunt men and women each year in a Hollywood-style presentation in Los Angeles. Recently, Red Bull has also been involved in soccer and Formula 1 Racing. After buying the Austrian soccer team of Salzburg and the Jaguar Racing team, they now compete under the names of Red Bull Salzburg and Red Bull Racing.

Through events and initiatives like these, Red Bull has achieved world-wide popularity. What started in 1984 as a "local idea" has grown beyond all expectations and shows no signs of abating.