Hannes Richter


Hannes Richter


Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Washington, Andrea Schrammel, before the exhibit opening.

The third in a series of exhibitions of Austrian contemporary art, which takes place in cooperation with bäckerstrasse 4 – plattform für junge kunst, has its main focus on paintings and features works by Austrians Elisabeth Wedenig, Matthias Lautner, and Markus Hofer, as well as an artist from Washington, D.C. It reflects the importance of facets of the pluralistic world of the media.

Elisabeth Wedenig and Matthias Lautner, who take a figurative approach to their work, use a wide selection of materials, and cover a wide spectrum of topics. Their design principles and elements all reflect the contrast between figuration and abstraction. The figurative objects are placed before an either dark or luminous background that is characterized by open and loose structures.

In his sculptural art works Markus Hofer puts his main focus on colors and paint. He finds inspiration for his art in the individual structures of a room and its existing conditions. Hofer’s further sources of inspiration are objects of everyday life such as heating pipes, power outlets, electric cables, and architecture. Knocked-over paint tins spilling all over the floor seem like a recent mishap.

The exhibition will be on display in the atrium of the Embassy of Austria until September 28, 2012.