Hannes Richter

Euro Quiz II

Hannes Richter

After an interesting response to our first Euro Quiz, we continue with our second round in an on-going series. For those of you who have missed the first quiz on “Euromyths,” it is not too late. We encourage you to go back to the previous issue, start with Quiz I and continue with Quiz II, which will bring you closer to the new Europe through facts on the EU’s inner workings. Send your answers by using our e-mail form or by mail to: M. Gambill, Embassy of Austria, 3524 International Court, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008.

To enhance your interest, we provide you with the prizes issued by the Austrian Mint to be won: 1st prize: Mozart Gold Coin, a commemorative, rare collector’s item; 2nd prize: Bi-metallic Silver and Niobium Satellite Navigation Coin; 3rd prize: Silver Coin commemorative of the Austrian EU Presidency.


Euro Facts

The EU is an idea with a long history, a model based upon a European vision and the necessity of reunifying a continent that had been divided for decades. As “a work in progress,” it was given political shape through the creation of new institutions and policies, and it has the tremendous task of educating its citizens and the outside world. With this quiz you can test your knowledge and awareness of the EU’s new initiatives.


Question 1
What is the Lisbon Strategy?

a.) An action plan of the European Union aimed at boosting economic growth and purchasing power by 2010.
b.) A strategy of sporting Lisbon on how to win the Champions League of 2010.
c.) A strategy aimed at securing the EU’s outer borders by 2010.


Question 2:
The EU anthem is being played. Men and women from all over Europe sing out loud the Ode to Joy.

a.) This is nonsense. While it is true that the anthem of the EU is the Ode to Joy, it has no lyrics!
b.) Whatever they are singing, the EU’s anthem is not the Ode to Joy.
c.) The European Union does not have an anthem!


Question 3:
Your girlfriend is a history freak. And now she wants to take you to the site where Austria signed the EU Treaty of Accession. Where does she want to go? And when do you think Austria signed this treaty?

a.) You are going to visit the Eternal City. Who doesn’t know about the Treaty of Rome of 1957!
b.) She can only be talking about Vienna in the year 1994. The treaty of an accession country always needs to be signed in their capital.
c.) Take it easy – she only wants to go to Corfu and recall 1994.



Question 4:
Your spouse has booked a holiday for both of you. Now you have to guess the destination. You are given only one clue: It is the only divided country within the EU. Where will you spend your holidays?

a.) In Korea!
b.) In Cyprus! Be careful when ordering Greek or Turkish coffee.
c.) There is no divided country in the EU.


Question 5:
Discussing the terms of office of politicians, you all agree that the Austrian Federal President is elected for a six–year term. But for how long will Austria hold the EU Presidency?

a.) For an average period of four years.
b.) For six months after which Finland will take over.
c.) The EU Presidency is always held by Brussels.