Hannes Richter

From the Editor

Hannes Richter

Dear Readers,

Have you ever heard of the Degesi? The Aromanians? Or the Arbereshe? They are Europeans, who are little known outside the confined area in which they live.

And there is another group of Europeans. They left the continent in the 1930s and became Americans. Upon arrival, they were willing to do anything to survive. Composer Paul Dessau, for example, was a hired hand on a chicken farm, and philosopher Heinrich Blücher shovelled chemicals in a factory. It was twelve-tone composer Arnold Schoenberg, who dispensed to fellow exiles his one-note advice for social success: ‘When in doubt, smile...’

Most of these emigrants made brilliant careers in their new environment which was much more driven by performance and the urge for constant change. The Austrian-born Peter Drucker was one such example. Enjoy the read!

Yours sincerely,
Christoph Meran