Hannes Richter

From the Editor

Hannes Richter

Dear Readers,
For the first time, two Austrian and two American journalists were awarded the opportunity to spend six weeks in each other’s countries, gathering experience in reporting for the media as part of a U.S.-Austrian Journalism Exchange Fellowship program. We bring accounts relating their impressions and experiences as journalists, sharing professional expertise with their colleagues from across the Atlantic.

Austrians have played a significant role in developing the U.S. ski industry. Sepp Kober, “Father of Southern Skiing,” comments in an interview to the AI on his experiences as a skiing instructor, founder of ski schools and developer of ski areas throughout the Southeast.  

The character behind the Habsburg Kaiser, Maximilian I of Mexico, has fascinated historical researchers, lay historians and film makers alike. A guest contribution sheds light on the short era of the unfortunate Habsburg and the elusive historical accounts surrounding his fate.    

Finally, we are happy to bring a review on a recent concert by Tibor Kovac of the Vienna Philharmonic and pianist Lambert Orkis organized by the Austrian-American Society in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy’s Cultural Forum.

Sincerely yours,

Wolfgang Renezeder