Hannes Richter

Save the Date: Panel Discussion on 1989 and the End of the Cold War

Hannes Richter

On June 19, 2013, Guenter Bischof from the University of New Orleans together with  Peter Ruggenthaler from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research on War Consequences in Graz and Austrian Ambassador to the United States Hans Peter Manz will hold a panel discussion on "1989 and the End of the Cold War."

2014 will see the 25th anniversary of the dramatic events of 1989, when the Cold War Era ended: Hungary began to tear down the Iron Curtain along the Austrian border and Czechoslovakia soon followed; “round tables” ended Communist control of Moscow’s satellite regimes; the Berlin Wall came down; “velvet revolutions” ended Communist control in Eastern Europe; German (re)unification became part of the international agenda; Bush and Gorbachev declared the end of the Cold War during the Malta Summit. This panel discussion will address the revolution(s) of 1989.

For event details please visit: http://www.acfdc.org/events/upcoming-events/item/june-19-2013-lecture

For more information on this topic please also visit: http://austria1989.org/