Hannes Richter

Applauding EU Members

Hannes Richter

The Don Quixotes of Spain are still attacking their giant windmills at a time of changing winds over the quest for energy. Wind turbines are making their debut as Spain becomes a powerhouse of wind energy. In fact, it is the second largest producer of wind energy in the world. Moreover, two of Spain’s manufacturers are among the ten largest in the world. Spain is poised to continue this trend toward powering its technological growth with the strong winds that sweep over the country’s plains.


Although reports circulate of German economic gloom due to competition by low wage countries, Germany’s trade is flourishing. The World Trade Organization (WTO) confirmed Germany’s position of world champion in the export of goods such as vehicles, machines, chemical products and medical technology, ahead of the United States and China. Last year, according to the WTO, German export goods had a value of more than $915 billion compared to China’s at about $593 billion. In a so-called flat world, it turns out that the country with the world’s highest labor costs is the world’s champion exporter for the third time in a row.

The average tourist walking along the canals in Holland may note that it’s not only the tulips that grow tall in Holland. Recent statistics point to the Dutch being the tallest people in the world. Men now average six feet one and women five feet eight. When you are as tall as the Dutch and your feet begin to dangle over the edge of the bed, the standard-size world can seem like a very small place.

When diplomats met in Vienna in 1814 to redraw the European continent’s political map following the Napoleonic wars, it was neither the first nor the last time that the city provided the perfect backdrop for international encounters. Vienna continues its longstanding tradition of a city where experts meet. In the global community of meetings, the International Congress and Convention Association ranked Vienna No. 1 worldwide as the most popular city hosting political, scientific and cultural events, an important indicator of a destination’s worldwide appeal.