Hannes Richter


Hannes Richter

Driven by Its Austrian Heritage

When Günther Wiesenthal, the Mercedes-Benz distributor for Vienna and a board member of Daimler-Benz, came to the U.S. to become the first president of Mercedes-Benz of North America, there was only one Mercedes-Benz dealership in the country. When he left, there were 450. One of those dealerships was McNey Motors in Bethesda, MD. Twenty-four years later the Wiesenthal Group, led by Günther’s daughter, Susanne Sulke-Wiesenthal, purchased it. EuroMotorcars was born.

Susanne Sulke-Wiesenthal

Like most newborns, it was small in the beginning. EuroMotorcars in Bethesda had just 50 employees, 12 service bays, five parking spaces, zero loaner cars, and barely enough room to squeeze three cars in the showroom. But with good parenting - Susanne’s business acumen, and loyalty to customers, employees, suppliers, and the factory, Wiesenthal Group managing partner Patrick Douglas’s vision and commitment, and Executive Vice President Mike Jackson’s knowledge of the U.S. market - EuroMotorcars grew very fast.

Today, 30 years later, EuroMotorcars Bethesda has more than 300 employees, 70 service bays, 60 customer parking spaces, over 250 loaner cars, and room to display 35 cars in the showrooms. EuroMotorcars Germantown which opened in the fall of 2004 has more than 60,000 square feet of building space with 15 cars displayed in the showroom and offices for 20 sales representatives. Its complete service and parts facility has 25 service bays with space for 25 more. In 2004 and 2005, EuroMotorcars also opened new service facilities for Rolls-Royce and Bentley and opened a Bentley Bethesda showroom.


Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Rolls Royce, Bentley - EuroMotorcars is the luxury of choice and the choice of luxury. It all started when an 18-year-old girl from Austria chose to follow in her father’s footsteps and become the heart and the soul of a business. Susanne Sulke-Wiesenthal passed away in 2003. But her legacy remains. Her spirit, fairness, and loyalty are present and felt by all at EuroMotorcars in Bethesda and Germantown. See: www.euromotorcars.com.