Hannes Richter

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Hannes Richter

An international, highly acclaimed women’s conference on the Middle East peace process with prominent participants from the Middle East, Europe and the USA was recently held in Vienna focusing on the  contribution of women to the peace efforts  in the region.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the European Union, offering cause for celebration as well as for discussion on the EU’s future as presented in a guest article.

 It was 60 years ago that U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall presented his proposal for European reconstruction following the devastation of war-torn Europe. Austria commemorates in gratitude the significant economic aid offered by the United States under the Marshall Plan.

Minnesota’s longstanding tradition of friendship and cooperation with Austria is strongly reflected in the Center for Austrian Studies, established thirty years ago at the University of Minnesota. AI brings a retrospective of the valuable academic cooperation with Austria and Austrian universities.

Economic and trade relations between Austria and the U.S. exhibit substantial growth. In an interview, the head of the Austrian Trade Commission in New York explains the reasons for this favorable development of U.S.-Austrian trade relations and his office’s mission of serving Austrian companies’ interests in the U.S.


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