Hannes Richter

Former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Androsch Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Hannes Richter

Former Austrian Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister, head of Creditanstalt Bankverein, industrialist, entrepreneur and global investor Dr. Hannes Androsch received an honorary doctorate in economics from the University of New Orleans during the celebration of spring commencement in May.

Born in 1938 in Vienna, Dr. Androsch studied Economics and Business Administration at the University of Vienna, receiving a PhD in 1969. As a distinguished Austrian and European public servant of the post-World War II era, he was appointed Minister of Finance at the age of thirty-two by Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. He held the post for eleven years (1970-1981), serving five years as Vice-Chancellor (1976-1981). He was appointed general director of Austria’s largest bank, Creditanstalt-Bankverein, and served as a consultant to the World Bank. In 1989 he founded Androsch International Management Consulting (AIC) and then became an industrialist in 1990s.

While in office he was a strong advocate of “Austro-Keynesianism” during economic recession. Dr. Androsch has also been a strong advocate of the State’s responsibility to fund public education generously and is a major financial contributor to the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna. He has remained a public figure long after his political career ended. He has published books and essays on current economic, social and political issues and has lectured widely at universities. His consultant work and his  many media appearances earned him renown and respect as an elder statesman in the global arena.

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