Hannes Richter

Editor’s Farewell

Hannes Richter

meran_new.jpgI would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to all the readers of Austrian Information and to thank them for their interest in this publication. I am especially grateful to those who have contributed articles or provided regular comments and suggestions. I have learned a lot from the latter. They have influenced my way of thinking and, more importantly, the scope of this publication.

The constant dialogue with our readers has also allowed me to meet the challenge to satisfy - in a twelve-page publication - the intellectual needs and expectations of four different generations of readers from all walks of life.

The seven years I have spent in Washington, D.C. have been an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience, both in my professional career and my private life. I became Editor-in-Chief of Austrian Information in December 2001, and since then twenty-nine issues of this newsletter have gone into print. Leafing through them brings back many memories of fascinating interviews, travel, desperate night shifts to hit editorial deadlines, frantic research for background material or simply to find an interesting story.

Here I would like to thank my team for their hard work and support and I wish them success in the future. I would also like to announce the arrival of my successor, Wolfgang Renezeder, who will carry the torch from October on.

Not only has my professional experience grown in this vibrant country, but also my family. I came as a bachelor and am returning to Austria with a wife and two children.