Hannes Richter


Hannes Richter

Johannes Hahn Appointed EU Commissioner for Regional Policy

The current Austrian Federal Minister of Science and Research, Johannes Hahn, was appointed Austria’s new Commissioner  to the European Union, responsible for Regional Policy.  As Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger stated, “entrusting an Austrian with regional policy is an expression of recognition of Austria's role in the EU and for Johannes Hahn. Having previously held two important commissions - agriculture and foreign policy - Austria again receives a key portfolio in the Commission.” 

With this appointment Johannes Hahn assumes a core function in the new Commission of the European Union, especially in view of the development of a sustainable exit strategy from the current economic and financial crisis. This portfolio is of decisive importance, also in regards to imminent negotiations on the EU’s financial perspectives and on major EU projects, such as the EU strategy for the Danube Region, which is scheduled for implementation next year. 


First Austrian Ambassador to Hold Marshall Chair in New Orleans

Retired diplomat Dr. Peter Moser, former Austrian Ambassador to the United States, Japan, and South Korea, is the first appointed diplomat in residence to the University of New Orleans (UNO) and the tenth occupant of the Marshall Plan Chair for Austrian and European Studies for the academic year 2009-2010.  

Peter Moser, who holds a doctorate in law and served in the Austrian Foreign Service for more than thirty years, began his appointment in August 2009. Apart from working on his memoirs during his year at the University of New Orleans, he teaches “Practice in Diplomacy” as well as “European Diplomatic History from 1815-1914.”  

The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation endowed the University of New Orleans with the Marshall Plan Chair a decade ago in recognition of the University's thirty-five years of partnership with the University of Innsbruck and other Austrian universities. Since then, thousands of American students have studied in Innsbruck and hundreds of Innsbruck students have studied at the University of New Orleans, while dozens of faculty exchanges have benefited both institutions. The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation supports higher education exchanges and partnerships between the United States and Austria, and recognizes the historic achievements of the American Marshall Plan in bringing economic recovery and prosperity to Austria after the Second World War.